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We help our customers save time and money by meeting their expectations and consistently providing a luxury product with speedy delivery at a reasonable price. With KTI, customers can count on Honesty, Reliability, and Craftsmanship.

We show our commitment by always delivering on our promises, on time, anywhere, and with the quality they expect. We are dedicated to providing outstanding services to every customer large or small. We are committed to your satisfaction. We are the employer of choice, treating all employees with respect and compassion. Our employees are family and everyone's thoughts and ideas are of the utmost importance to us. We offer opportunities for professional and personal growth. In return, we expect our employees to show their commitment to KTI by consistently putting forth their greatest effort, giving 100%, being a team player. Our vendors are a crucial component to our success. In order to ensure we meet our commitments to our customers, we believe in stable, long term relationships with our vendors. These relationships are solidified through quality products, reliability, and prompt delivery of our products.

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