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KTI Cabinets Technology

Residential - Commercial - Cabinetry & Millwork

Advanced Technology

Excellent Quality - Rapid Production


Three steps to produce a perfect squared cabinet from design to installation.

1- Advance Cad drawing software.

2- Cnc Machinery to achieve a precise cut.

3- Four way clamping to ensure a perfect square.

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Cabinets Machinery

Our high end technology allows us to perform to the maximum, eliminating error by 99% and shortening production time. New sophisticated CNC machinery and the latest on software development work hand and hand to customize every accessory we manufacture.

Your kitchen will get smarter!

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Cabinets Software

Microvellum empowers users to engineer intelligent products that can easily be manipulated to take on an unlimited number of configuration possibilities. Simple changes via check boxes and menu selections within the user definable cabinet properties interface can cause instant changes that affect hardware options, material selections or even cabinet construction.

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